Orange, Pink, and Sundry Links

We're going into our busy time at work which means that at the end of the day I unfortunately haven't got too many useful thoughts in my brain. I mean, they're useful, but only to me; most of them are "food." As such, today I'm going to share a pink and orange scribble-doodle I made while blankly staring at my TV last night as well as some links I thought were magnificent in my stupor. I'm looking at them now, and I still think they're pretty cool. However, If they aren't, I am terribly sorry. Just pin the image on Pinterest, and we'll forget all about this.

And now, without further ado (or "a-don't," as my high school drama teacher used to say), let's click some links!

1. The Broke Girl's Guide to Fall Makeup from Refinery 29. I grabbed this one from Alex's Pinterest, and I love it. I especially want that Aztec stuff.

2. This guy who I saw (with my eyes, from across the street...not romantically) many a time in New York has some wise words to share about making money with a cat on your head. And if you haven't perused Humans of New York before, I think it's worth a look.

3. I know I'm a season late posting this, but Elie Saab is such a gangster. I want all the dresses. Do yourself a favor and look at that whole slideshow.

4. Sometimes I think I should have been a fashion photographer, but since I'm not, I'd settle for some giant pompon shoes instead. Because I certainly am not a trained photographer. I just like looking at the pictures.

5. If you are a child of the nineties, or if you raised one, you will appreciate this slideshow of trapper keepers from the Today Show.

Hungry for more links? Design is Mine always has a "best of the week" post, which is always full of delightful references.

Now, enjoy your day!

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