Spinspiration: Photoshop painting

It's Sunday, and you may want to do a little Pinterest perusing. I, for one, peruse probably at least twenty-five times a day. I know. It is excessive, but I use it for work.

One of my favorite boards is one I named "Inspiration/Mood Board Images." For me, this board is what I use as a sort of image dump for things I may want to use for future mood boards or other visually-based creative projects. Lately, I've found myself most drawn to images with freeform or abstract designs that are mostly just about color. Some of the best examples of artists who work this way are Britt Bass Turner, Federico Saenz-Recio, and Lola Donoghue.

So, today I've made some (quite derivative) pieces in photoshop just for some fun and visual inspiration. Who knows? I may even order some prints. And, of course, I thought I'd share. Feel free to pin them to your own inspiration board!

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