Spinster Doodles: Yet Another Coloring Page

My first #FAFATL experience was a success! My little coaster magnet found a good new home with someone who took its picture! I placed the magnet on a lamp post outside of Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza, took its picture, and around lunch time, it was claimed! I cannot describe to you how strangely exciting this whole experience was. I will most certainly be doing it again.

Now, as for today's imagery, I'm sorry if it has given you a headache. As you can see from the top left hand corner, I tried to start with larger images. but somehow they just kept getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes a spinster can't control herself as she falls deeper and deeper into tiny, detailed insanity. There is a bright side, though. If you happen to have an 11" x 17" printer and a child near you who is very into coloring, you're set!

Now, find some of those fine-tipped  crayola markers or perhaps some colored pencils, and go to town!  Enjoy!

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