Spinster Problems: The PBA 30 Logo

As part of my spinsterhood, I am also a senior citizen in training. I openly like watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Antiques Roadshow. That's why on Wednesdays, I get especially excited for the 8pm reruns of Antiques Roadshow on Atlanta's PBS channel, PBA 30.

In the reruns, when the antiques are appraised, the year the show first airs appears at the bottom of the screen along with the dollar amount the antiques expert estimated as its value. Next to this value, the current year appears on the right side of the screen, along with what today's value would be. The only problem, though, that was for weeks, the PBA 30 logo was on the lower right hand corner, covering the new value. The only way I could tell whether or not the item in question had retained its value was to listen for the deep woodwind instrument and whether the scale went up or down. You can imagine how frustrating this was.

Last night, though, I tuned in, fully expecting to have the same problem. I tweeted about it last week, full of sadness. But alas! The problem had been solved! I could do my needlepoint in peace while I learned about Loetz Glass, George Owen, and Blue Willow toasters. George Owen, by the way, appreciated in cost. So...just in case you're considering.

So, thank you PBA 30. My life is better because of the changes you've made.

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