Spinster Strategy: Foot Massage Wardrobe Guide

I think we all know that I'm pretty into Buford Highway and their illustrious massages. This weekend, I shared my love of Treat Your Feet with my friend Anne, and it was glorious. I thought I'd tell her beforehand what to wear, but it seems I forgot, and she showed up in pants. While that's not enough to ruin a foot massage (let's be honest, there's not much that can ruin that), pants can be a little bit of a hindrance. So, for your convenience, today I've put together a little list of do's and don'ts when getting a foot massage. While they're pretty amazing no matter what you do, this will make it perfect!

1. Wear a Skirt (or a shorts...especially if you're a man.)
          While it's possible to roll your pants up, I find I enjoy my foot massage more when the hem of my skinny jeans aren't cutting off the circulation between my calf and knee.

2. Don't wear your glasses.
          Ok, I have to wear my glasses to drive, but once I get into that luxurious chair, I can be blind all I want. This is especially important after the masseuse washes his or her hands and goes in for the head, face, and neck massages.

3. Don't wear earrings.
          I'm partial to dangly earrings, and this is absolutely not a good idea for any sort of massage. If you like to have your head, neck, and ears massaged (because who doesn't?), you may risk having forked earlobes by the end. I've actually seen this happen to someone before, but not at a spa. It was at Skate Galaxy in Sumter, SC. Ah, another story for another time.

4. Wear absorbent shoes....preferably sandals.
         I've made the mistake of wearing closed toed shoes several times to a foot massage, and believe me, that is a squishy, unpleasant feeling. I've unfortunately worn some shiny, faux leather sandals before, and I could barely walk for all the slipping and sliding.  For post foot massage stability and comfort, I prefer to wear my rainbow flip flops. I find these work the best because the soft nubuck leather is absorbent, and the flip flop construction allows breathability so that the lotions, etc, can dry without making your feet clammy. After all that fun, your feet need to be free!

Now, if you follow these four guidelines and perhaps shave your legs beforehand, your foot massage will be all that it can be! Enjoy!

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