Sunday Fun: Art Supplies Coloring Page

art-supplies-drawing, art-supplies-picture, picture-of-art-supplies
Yesterday was a busy day of spinstering. I tried two new restaurants, the Galaxy Diner and Cafe 101, and I think  now it's safe to hibernate for the winter. I won't need to wake or eat again until springtime, so please don't offer. It's hard to move.

Since it's Sunday, and all that food got to my brain, I thought maybe you could use another coloring page. Today's theme is art supplies. This one will fit on an 8.5 x 11 piece of printer paper, and you can use all the art supplies you have in your home to color in all the art supplies on this page. It will be delightfully meta.

Check back tomorrow for something that is potentially more meaningful and spinsterly. In the meantime, please do your coloring!

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