Wednesday Fun: Makeup Coloring Page

Lately I've been using my NYX bright blue eyeliner, and I must say I have been getting all sorts of compliments. And of course I love that. All this makeup talk, though, has left me thinking about, well, makeup. Since I've already done a post on what's in the ol' spinster's makeup bag (see the eyeliner link above), I decided today I should just draw the makeup instead of talking about it.

If you click on the image above, you can print it out, and color it to your liking, making all the creams, powders, lipsticks, serums, brushes, polishes, etc whatever color you'd want! It's the next best thing to actually making your own shades. And, now that I've mentioned that, see below a list of some makeup DIY links you can use to actually make your own real life makeup.

1. Combine old lipsticks into a new shade! from Labmuffin

2. Make your own lipstick colors out of crayons! from MadisRadd on YouTube (tutorial starts at about minute 1:35)

3. Make your own nail polish from Barbie's Beauty Bits

4. Make your own eyeliner from Coconut Mama

5. DIY eyeshadow palette from Rookie

Enjoy your coloring and - if you're adventurous - your makeup making!

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