All I Want is My Macaroni

We're in our busy time at work right now, and before I go any further, I must say that after tomorrow's post, I'm going to have to take a little breakski until things calm down a little. But we'll talk about that further tomorrow. For now, we need to talk about Macaroni.

I made this illustration just before I left work last night with a teal sharpie. It was 8:45 PM, and I hadn't even thought about doing an illustration for today's post. Not only that, but I had opted out of ordering dinner at work because I didn't think I would be there that long. Well. Silly me. I was getting things done, and time just slipped away.

While I worked,  I had been dreaming of eating an Amy's Rice Mac and Cheese that was waiting for me in the freezer, just twiddling its little macaroni thumbs. I couldn't wait to pop it in the microwave for four minutes, stir it while some of it was still ice, and then put it back in for three more minutes. I couldn't wait to eat that little brown bit of cheese that gets burned because my old microwave heats unevenly. I couldn't wait for the warm, gooey, cheesy umami of it all.

I talked to my mom on the phone on the way home so I could finally wish her a happy birthday.  It seems she didn't even eat dinner on her own birthday. She didn't seem particularly sad about it, but readers, this is a crying shame. Please everyone send her dinner because she deserves it.

Once I was safely inside the door, I shed the intense encumbrance we all know as pants, and I opened the magnificent tundra that is my freezer. Some coffee grounds fell out because that's how I roll, but once my grubby little paws found that green cardboard box, my night was ready to begin.

I poured some resin during the first round of microwaving, and during the second, I poured some white grape juice. Then, it was off to bed with me in the unicorn tee from my bathroom floor. I covered my legs but not my feet with the comforter and ate from the TV tray I'm not sure how I ever lived without. Then, I wrote this post.

Nightly spinstering: complete.

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