Happy 2nd Spinsterversary!

Well, Spinsters, it's happened. Another year of spinstering has passed, and I'm still here, living it up, and eating breakfast in my bed. I wish I could say that I was finished working on The Spinsterhood Diaries: Year Two, but it is still a work in progress. When the book is available for purchase, I will let you know! This year's will have fun things like coloring pages, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and photos. Hooray!

Now, in honor of another glorious year of spinstering, here's a list of ten reasons to be glad of spinsterhood:

1. The thermostat is always set to what I want.
          That's right. If I want it to be 65 degrees when I go to sleep at night, that's my affair and no one else's.

2. I always choose what movie I see.
          Yep, no stupid man humor movies....unless I want to see them.

3. I control the remote control.
          If I want to watch JTV, I'll watch JTV. If I want to change the channel every time sports are on, I will most certainly do that. If I want to only watch the ice skating portions of the Olympics, I'll do that, too.

4. No one can judge my pants-free lifestyle.
          ...even if my hind quarters are a little lumpier these days.

5. I never have to check in with anyone before spending money.
          So If I buy two pair of Coach moccasins because they make me feel like someone is massaging my feet all day, then that's what I'll do.

6. I can sleep diagonally in my bed
          Sometimes it's necessary.

7. I don't have to talk to anyone in the morning
          I'll never understand how some people can be so chatty before they've been awake for more than two hours.

8. Crafts can take over my whole apartment.
          And, of course, they often do.

9. No one ever has to know how many freezer meals I've eaten this year.
          And on some levels, even I don't want to know.

10. I don't have to share a Netflix Account
          I'd like to keep this relationship exclusive, thank you.

So, ladies, Happy Spinsterversary! I'm so glad we're still together.

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