Spinster Love: Serial

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No, friends, that's not a typo. While I do love cereal, that's not what we're talking bout today. Today, friends, we're talking about a new podcast called Serial, and it is good. 

If you're a huge fan of This American Life like I am, you've perhaps noticed that ol' TAL has been a little light on new content for several months now. It's pretty upsetting, especially if you, like I, have listened to all the old episodes already. So, when a few weeks ago, Ira Glass announced that This American Life would be presenting its first spinoff series, I was ready.

The spinoff is called Serial, and it's narrated by veteran TAL alum Sarah Koenig. Every week there is a new installment to an ongoing investigation into a murder case. Koenig interviews all sorts of parties that are involved in the story either directly or tangentially. There've been three episodes so far, and I'd like them to be coming faster! I cannot wait to hear what happens next.

So, if you're in the mood for some real life Law and Order (because, who isn't?) perhaps you should check out Serial. I'm counting the days until the next episode is available.

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