Spinster Love: Stuff You Should Know

sysk-podcast, stuff-you-should-know-illustration
While I do love a good audio book, sometimes I like to take a break and listen to a podcast. Since I've been logging quite a few hours in front of my work computer, I asked my friend Sara for some suggestions. She responded with this little tidbit of information: There's a podcast called Stuff You Should Know, and it's taped just a few buildings over from where I work in Atlanta. Apparently, this podcast is actually more popular than This American Life in Canada. Who knew!?

I started in on an episode about Panic Attacks, and before I knew it, a week had passed, and I'd learned about Death Masks, the weirdest ways to die, Police Interrogations, and all manner of other things. This show is addictive.

While Stuff You Should Know is educational (or potentially infotaining),  one of my favorite parts is actually when they read listener mail. This, most often, is off-topic or refers to a previous episode, but I love it. I feel I would be remiss in my duties, though,  if I did not warn you of the mispronunciation that runs rife though out the podcast. I'll give them a pass on this because the hosts seem like really likable guys, but it must be said...they do not seem to pre-google their pronunciations.

So, if you find your ears itching for something new to hear, try Chuck and Josh from Stuff You Should Know. I quite like them, and I'm proud to be their office neighbor!

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