Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spinster PSA: Pronunciations

When you're a spinster, you've got some extra room in your brain that's not occupied by a boyfriend. Ever since I found out about Ryan Gosling's baby, I've had a lot of free space to focus on things that I'm fairly sure don't bother anyone else.

What, exactly, am I talking about? Well, friends, I'm talking about pronunciations. Whenever someone mispronounces a word in my presence (most likely in a situation where it's inappropriate for me to openly say anything about it) I like to figure out a way to say it correctly in the next sentence. However, I've noticed this tactic does not work. In fact, I've noticed the exact opposite. The person most often will say the word incorrectly again and again and again...as if they're rebelling against correct pronunciation. Each time it happens, it's all I can think about.

So, I thought I'd help everyone out today. I found some handy dandy pronunciation guides on Youtube and around the web. Below, I'll embed them for your listening convenience. I'm sure you, dear readers, are not the mispronunciation culprits...but in case you are, just watch the videos, and no one has to know.

1. Supposedly (not supposABLY)

2. Regardless (not irregardless)

3. Birthday (not BirFday)

4. Alzheimer's (not old timer's)

5. Gradation (not Grad-ee-ation) Unfortunately there's not a video for this one, but click the link here, and then click on the speaker.

6. Concur (not conquer...that's a different word.)

7. Weary, Leery, and Wary are three different words.

8. Chipotle (not chipOLTAY)

9. Nuclear (not nuke-you-lar)
10. Gyro (not jye-row)...ok, this one doesn't bother me as much...but still.

Now that I'm finished ranting and chastising, I'm sure we can all agree I should doodle more and potentially listen less. No one should be this bothered by pronunciation. My gosh, I need a cat.