Spinster Screening: Gone Girl

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A few months ago I listened to Gone Girl as an audio book. If you read that post, you know that book wasn't my favorite. However, when I found out it was coming out as a movie (and Tyler Perry was in the cast...as a man), of course I had to see it.  So, yesterday, without makeup and in grand spinster style, I took myself to the North Dekalb Mall for a look at what a movie with Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry looks like.

For those still considering seeing this movie, I must say that it, like the novel, is quite...graphic. In fact, i thought that was one of the sort of unnecessary parts of the book in the first place. There was a bit of gratuitous language, sex, and violence. Honestly, though, the violence is kind of the least of your worries.

All told, though, the story is a pretty cool and suspenseful one. If you haven't read the book, the story will probably blow your mind a little. However, I won't spoil the movie for you...yet. That'll come later, and I'll warn you.

Now, let's talk about the casting. Mostly, i just want to talk about Rosamund Pike. I looked at her IMDB, and it seems I haven't seen anything she's been in since the early 2000's. That doesn't matter, though. She was great in this. And let's take a moment to think about her perfect, smooth, face cream commercial skin. I'd just really like to know how I could get some skin like that.

Ben Affleck's skin is less impressive, but I daresay he's come an incredibly long way since Gigli. The only thing I will say about his performance, though, is that he managed to be more likable in the movie than Nick actually was in the book. I don't really suppose that's his fault, though. If I were making this movie, I wouldn't want the audience to hate all the characters as much as they did in the book.

Even though Tyler Perry wasn't a huge role in this one, I had to just give him a mention. He was actually not distracting at all in this movie. Generally I find him to be a little hammy and attention-seeking, but he actually played it straight this time, and I approved.

Now, for the last part...

***Warning! Spoilers Below!***

There was a lot of talk about this movie before it came out, saying that the ending was a little different from that of the book. As much as everyone talked about this, I somehow expected the actual outcome to be different. Instead, the ending was only slightly different, and was, in effect, in keeping with the overall mood and spirit of the novel.

***Spoiler Over***

In conclusion, if you want to go see this, you need to consider a few things before you go. Firstly, I need you to remember that it's graphic. Secondly, if you do go see this, keep an eye on Rosamund Pike's beautiful face and skin. Third, there's language. It's not just cursing, it's the content of the language. Fourth, Tyler Perry's in it, but don't be scared.

Ok, now you know. Make your decision. My final thought is this: This is probably one of the most accurate adaptations of a book I've ever seen (besides the ending).

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