Spinstergram: I'm Back!

Well, spinsters, It's been a week, and I'm back with photos. I know, I was hoping I'd make an illustration last night, but I was too engrossed in relaxation to take care of that. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day. Instead, today I'm sharing three photos from this week!

The first photo was the only #FAFATL I made this week. I had started it a couple weeks ago, and I finally poured the last layer of resin when I couldn't sleep one morning. And it was claimed! I always feel like it's an exciting treasure hunt.

This second image is this creepy patchwork horse I saw in Blowing Rock, NC while celebrating my mom's birthday. It really freaked me out, so of course I had to share. 

Now, this last image is of a monkey painting at The Gilded Lily, also in Blowing Rock. It's a monkey wearing a polka dotted bow and a green dress and holding an oversized pencil. I really wish this painting was hanging at my desk. 

Well, hooray for Saturday! I'm off to celebrate surviving this week with a ladies' brunch! 

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