Tyler Perry's Having a Baby

tyler-perry-as-a-woman, tyler-perry's-baby
The other day I was perusing twitter, and I saw that Tyler Perry was trending. I have watched my fair share of Tyler Perry productions (thought I must say I'm not quite sure I "get it"), so of course I navigated over to see what all the tweets were about. It appears, dear spinsters, that Tyler Perry is having a baby. Now, I suppose the correct term would be "has fathered a baby," but when I think of Tyler Perry, I have to wonder if he is both the child's mother and father.

All of this was conjecture, of course, until yesterday when Tamron Hall was interviewing Perry about the premier of the film adaptation of Gone Girl, and she coyly asked about any other debuts Perry may have in the works. He was trying to be shy about it, but I think we all know Tyler Perry wants us to know about any production in which he's involved.

So, I had to make this into a gif. I know, I'm not great at photoshopping beards out. Who knew that was tough?

I'd like to go ahead and make the same joke I've been trying to make about this all week. No one seems to think it's funny but me. But I DO. So...now that I've built it up so much, here is the text of Tyler Perry's upcoming birth announcement:

"Tyler Perry Presents A Tyler Perry Baby created by Tyler Perry and a woman (played by Tyler Perry)"

Is it just me, or did anyone else (apparently wrongfully) assume that Tyler Perry was just...Tyler Perry, an island unto himself? I had no idea he was into other human beings at all, women or men. What a sneaky little Devil!

My googling has, thus far, proven inconclusive as to the actual due date of Perry's Baby, but I assure you Atlanta will be all about it.

Now I shall leave you to stare at this gif in perpetuity.

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