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Once again, hooray for Friday! It's a bit hard for me to believe that it's actually been seven weeks since I started doing Free Art Friday. I love it. I'm addicted. I haven't actually found any free art of my own yet, but I hear sometimes Free Art Friday Artists do trades. That is going on my list of excellent things to do in Atlanta.

Today's miniature paintings are a little random. Two are on the mini canvas boards, and one is on the mini stretched canvas that I had left over from my last pack. On the top, we have an "I <3 Kittens" painting which I believe probably sums up everyone's feelings about kittens. If you don't love kittens, I'm not sure I know what to think about you. Secondly, we have some lips. I'm not sure why. I just felt like making a little magnet painting of some lips. I even added a little glitter. It's not high brow, but it is free art, so, I'm sure someone's refrigerator will accept it. Lastly, we have a heart-nosed kitty face. The cat faces seem to be most popular with the collectors around Atlanta, so I think I'll try to keep them in rotation.

So, these are the little babies I'll be dropping around Atlanta today. As always, if you're in this city, and you're looking for some free art, check out my instagram throughout the day for updates and drops!

Check back tomorrow for a special shopping/gift guide to kick off the season!

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