Gift Guide: Camo Man

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Well Hello! If you made it through yesterday's video (or just the post, even), I'm glad to see you've decided to come back! I will not assault you with another extra-long video today. Fear not. Instead, as you can see above, I've made my first real gift guide of the season! AND it's for men, to boot. I suppose it could actually be unisex, now that I think about it, but no matter. I always find men to be the hardest on my shopping list. Even though I am a spinster, I still have a father, grandfather, brother, and brother in law who all need excellent gifts. So, I start thinking about them early.

Today's gift guide is focused on Camo, which can be good for military people, hunters, or just people who like to hide in bushes and/or trees. So, if there's a stalker in your family, this might be just right for them.

Now, let's get to some links!

1. Portable Sonic Toothbrush: $11, AccessoryGeeks
          This one is great because it comes in its own case.

2. Camouflage Umbrella: $49.50, J.Crew
          You can never have too many umbrellas.

3. 12 oz. Wood Bottle: $35, Jack Spade
          I'm not sure why you need a wood bottle, but it does look really nice...and very manly.

4. Camouflage Key: $2, AvcoKey
          This key is linked to one online, but you can find camo keys most anywhere keys are made. Have an extra key made to his (or her) house and stuff it in that stocking!

5. Parker Backpack by Herschel Supply Co: $50, ShopBop
          Herschel Supply Co makes some really snazzy backpacks. I could probably put one in every gift guide from here on out, but I'll spare you.

6. Shotgun Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers: $24, BettysWorld4U on Etsy
          ...For those times when you really want to add some kick to your meal.

7. Butterfly Knife Cutlery: $12.99, ThinkGeek
          Sometimes you need to feel like a ninja while you're eating dinner.

8. Carabiner Multi-Tool Knife: $8.99, Amazon
          This has a knife, a compass, and a flashlight, and it says it's for "emergency camping," so...

9. Camouflage Knit Hat: $9.95, H&M
          It gets cold in a deer stand...our out in those bushes.

10. Hand Generated Flashlight: $6.48, Amazon
          For those of us who can never find batteries.

Happy Shopping! Check back tomorrow for another gift guide!

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