Gift Guide: College Girl (2014)

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If you have a college girl on your Christmas List, chances are you're wracking your brain about what she might want in her holiday gift box. Of course all college girls have different tastes, but maybe there's something on this list that's fun and useful that would be an excellent surprise!

1. Aerie Softest Robe: $39.95, Aerie
          A cute robe is a great idea if your college girl is a dorm dweller. She can look cute and be comfy on her way to and from the showers, and if she's a spinster-in-training, she can wear it even more than that. Just a reminder: When shopping Aerie, always go up a size...unless you're as svelte as the girls in their ads.

2. Hunter 'Original' Clear Waterproof Rain Boots: $149.95, Nordstrom
          A snazzy pair of rain boots is a great idea if the college girl on your list gets her education on a walking campus. She can avoid ruining her favorite suede shoes without sacrificing wearing attractive footwear.

3. 2GB USB Memory Silver Necklace: $28.79, Boardaments on Etsy
          Most college student are probably carrying around iPads now, but in case yours isn't, she can carry around all the info she needs in this handy dandy USB drive disguised as a silver key necklace. Pretty clever, huh?

4. Pink ZigZag Socks: $8.40, Happy Socks
          I wish I could say I added this because my philosophy in college was "the more socks/underwear/towels you have, the less often you have to do laundry," (that was, in fact, my philosophy), but the real reason I added these is simple: I just like socks.

5. Target Gift Card: $5-$200, Target
          The item I've linked here is actually a digital exclusive, but we all know you can pick one of these guys up at any of your local Target Stores. All college students find themselves in need of a little extra cash and also a trip to Target. This solves both problems!

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette Pen Spray: $24, Ulta
          Mini Perfumes - both rollerballs and pen sprays - are excellent gifts for any lady on your list. They're great to keep in your car, your purse, or your gym bag for a refreshing little bit of a great scent.

7. Dance Party Bracelet: $20, Kate Spade Saturday
          Pair this cute bracelet with item #10, and you're halfway to a great party outfit!

8. Silver Glitter Cutlery - Set of 24: $5.95, CakeGirls
          The less dishes your college girl has to watch, the happier she'll be. That doesn't mean, though, she has to use plain white ones! Have a little fun with these silver glitter plastics!

9. Sequined Pants: $39.95, H&M
          These are sure to become your college girl's favorite party pants. They're great for fun holiday events or year round dance parties!

10. Herschel Striped Settlement Backpack: $75.80, ASOS
          Every student needs a really great backpack. Herschel Supply Company is a good option. Their bags are sturdy, yet fun, and they have so many options! This bag is currently on sale at ASOS, and if your favorite student is into monograms, I must say this would be a great vehicle for one.

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