Gift Guide: College Guy

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I know, I know. I do way more women's gift guides than ones for guys. But what did you expect? I'm a spinster! I'm not always hanging out with guys. Today, though, I have some ideas for your college guy. Whether he's your boyfriend, your brother, your son, your nephew, your grandson, or just your friend, I think you'll be able to find something on this list that he'd like....or at least that he'd find useful.

Of course, some items (re: #s 1, 6, and 9) may depend on his personal style, but I've tried to include some things that are less a matter of taste and more a matter of use. So let's get to it!

1. Slip-On in Pewter/Classic Gum: $45, Vans
          College students walk a lot, so they need some comfy shoes. Running shoes, though, don't always go with everything. Enter these stylish, casual slip ons. They're perfect for the person who is so late for class they don't even have time to tie their shoes.

2. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor: $10.49, Overstock
          I'm sure you can get this at WalMart, Target, or any old drugstore, but it looks like a pretty cool razor. In fact, I wouldn't mind having one myself. It's got five blades and pulsing for comfort. Very nice.

3. Men's Heavyweight Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt: $89, American Giant
          This sweatshirt is made in America, and according to, this may be the greatest sweatshirt ever made. That's quite an endorsement. Whether you choose this specific hoodie or another one, every college guy  needs a good hooded sweatshirt. It's pretty much mandatory.

4. Folding Hammock: $82.85, Amazon
          This is pretty cool for the college student who likes to lounge outdoors or just needs to catch a nap on the go. The hammock comes with a convenient carrying case perfect for naps between classes.

5. Marco's Pizza Gift Card: Any Dollar Amount, Marco's Pizza
          Nothing fuels paper-writing like a delivery pizza. If Marco's isn't your thing, check to see if there's a local pizza joint your student likes better! You just can't get better than a free pizza.

6. Factory Geometric Socks: $6.50, J.Crew Factory
          I'm sure you're figuring out by now that most of these gift guides will include a pair of socks. It's cold out, so I'm just thinking about socks more and more. And also I love them. These are cute, and they're great for a college boy who likes to be both cozy and snazzy.

7. P3 VBOT Robotic Vacuum: $73.09, Staples
          I'll admit I have no real knowledge of this particular robotic vacuum, but the idea of a robotic vacuum strikes me as perfect for the student who doesn't have time/energy/desire to vacuum their place. Roombas can run over $700, so I thought this was a much more cost-effective option. Bonus: Cats like to ride on these.

8. Soda Pop Tops (one dozen): $5.95, Amazon
          Sometimes you don't want to drink an entire can of coke. Sometimes you are making, say, a coke float, and you only need a half a can. That's no reason to waste the rest. Slap a lid on that thing, and put it back in the fridge!

9. The Time Teller P: $60, Nixon
          In this day of iPhones and smart watches, real watches are more akin to just jewelry for men. While I really like the all black version of this watch, it also comes in a bunch of different colorways, all of which are excellent.

10. Nivea Extra Moisture Shaving Foam: $3.19, Walgreens
          Standing outdoors at all those football games can leave a student's face dry and/or chapped. Adding a little extra moisture to the face during a shave is just what the doctor ordered.

So, now, go forth and shop! We're getting close to Thanksgiving, and won't you feel so much better if you're finished with all your shopping before Black Friday?

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