Gift Guide: DIY Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Like

So, if you're into crafting at all, then you know that sometimes it can get out of control. You start feeling creative, and before you know it, you've made a bunch of stuff for which you have no use at all. Your next thought is probably, "who can I give this to." That, my friends, is a slippery slope. Sometimes no one wants your crafts. I'm fairly sure I know that better than most. No one wants that itchy too-white scarf I made out of the cheapest yarn at Michael's. No one wants that misshapen experiment of a tote bag I made while trying to prove to myself that I'm still good at sewing. No one wants my cheapie painted picture frame with perhaps a few seashells or rhinestones or what-have-you. No one wants...well, you get the idea.

To solve this problem, today I've got a roundup of some DIY gift ideas that won't make you look like a crazy crafter. In fact, your friends just might thank you for getting creative. Of course, I relied heavily on Pinterest for all these ideas, but if you're looking for ideas, I think this is a solid bunch. So check them out below!

1. Arm Knit Blanket from Simply Maggie.
          This may prove an expensive gift to produce, but to really ensure your friend loves this gift, make sure it's an extra large, extra cozy blanket. It should be at least 6 feet long and at least four feet wide. No one wants a blanket that's too small.

2. Home is Where the Heart Is Art from The Effortless Chic
          This is a particularly trendy idea right now, and I must say I love it. As a person who's lived in three different states, I think it's fun to have a little nod to your past homes in your current one. This is a great gift for your friends who are from or live out of state. For a manlier look, try kraft paper or balsa wood instead of glitter.

3. Neon Wooden Hangers from Decor Hacks
          I'm going to rate this craft idea "easy." Basically, all you need to do is find some wooden hangers and paint them the color you'd like. I always need more hangers. I'm guessing everyone else does, too.

4. Glitter Nail Polish from The Crafted Sparrow
          I never grew out of loving glitter nail polish, and the idea of a custom-made bottle of multi-glitter polish seems really exciting to me. Think of this: NYC brand clear nail polish is about $1 in most stores. That means, you could give each of your friends five different bottles of custom glitter polish without breaking the bank. Pretty cool, huh?

5. Faux Butterfly Art from Young House Love
          I think this is a really pretty idea. You don't even have to use paper butterflies. Usually, around the Holidays, it's possible to buy actual 3-dimensional fake butterflies. They might just be a little more impactful.

6. Animal Keychains from Dollar Store Crafts
          Think of how cool these could be with a bit of metallic or even some glitter. Cute, fun, and perhaps a great gift to tie into a larger gift's bow.

7. Glitter Candlesticks from Oh Goodie Designs
          The perfect gift for your favorite single girl who loves to entertain. You can get candlesticks for a dollar at the dollar tree. This is a great crafty gift on the cheap.

8. DIY Chanel Pearl Hairpins from Honestly WTF
          I think these are so pretty when you put a bunch of them in your hair. These are also great hair accessories for weddings and holiday parties. If you're a spinster, you've probably got a lot of both.

9. S'Mores Kit from Brit + Co
          You can package these any way you like, but a gourmet s'more's kit is a nice way to celebrate the season and get cozy. The recipients will thank you!

10. DIY Monogram Mugs with Hot Cocoa Kits from Design Mom
          This is an especially good gift if you work in one of those offices where everyone feels like they should exchange gifts. Ain't nobody got time to think of something personal for every person. Voila! This is cute, personalized, and cool. Perfection! If you want to make extras, why not just do little designs instead of initials? That way, if you forget about someone, you'll have extras available, and no one will be the wiser.

I hope that today's post has inspired you to get creative with your gift ideas! Tomorrow we'll be back to the shopping!

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