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After yesterday's post on the Indie Craft Experience, I decided I needed to make a gift guide for the crafter on your list. Of course there are specific supplies for specific crafts, but today's guide holds a few general items a creative person might enjoy. The items on this list range from $0.65 all the way to $165, but I think there's probably something great on this list for just about any crafter. So, let's get started!

1. The Spinsterhood Diaries Coloring Book: $5.35, Lulu
          In case you don't follow me on Instagram, I figured I'd let you know about a little something I put together this year for the Holiday Season. Inside The Spinsterhood Diaries coloring book are a bunch of the illustrations from this blog, all devoid of their color and ready for your crayons, markers, or colored pencils! My friend Sara owns a copy, and I am incredibly flattered. At $5.35, I feel like this is a fun gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list who needs a little stress relief or just likes to color!

2. Washi of the Month Club (3 month subscription): $20, Lobster Bisque Vintage on Etsy
          Washi tape is a fun way to add things to your sketchbook, scrapbook, wrap gifts, or decorate other crafts. With the Washi of the Month club, you get a surprise roll every month for three months. Of course I think month clubs re the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Do It Yourself Magazine (2 Year subscription): $19.97, Amazon
          What better way to celebrate the crafter on your list than by givigint them two years' worth of DIY ideas? 

4. 12 Colored Pencils: $5.95, Muji
          I have no idea about the quality of these colored pencils, but I do love Muji. Their minimalist packaging always makes everything I purchase there seem so fresh and clean. If you've never shopped at Muji, and you appreciate good, clean design, you should take a spin around their website. It is so nice. 

5. 3Doodler: $99.99, Michael's
          I'm just telling you guys, 3D printing is about to be all the rage. 3D printers are already coming to the market in a price range that is affordable for some lay consumers, but I'm thinking that soon they'll be even more accessible. For the person who's not quite ready for the programming involved in a real 3D printer, there's the 3Doodler. You can just draw things in 3 Dimensional plastic. it's great for kids or just people who like to putter around with creativity. Also, think of the jewelry possibilities!

          If you look on Pinterest, sharpie-decorated sneakers are always a popular DIY. So, the gift of a plain white sneaker, possibly accompanied by a multi-pack of sharpies is a fun idea for your crafty fashionista. I also think this would be right up most high school crafter's alley. 

7. Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser: $0.65, Blick (or any art store, really)
          Anyone who likes to draw with pencils knows this is a mainstay of their collection. You can purchase a kneaded eraser at most places where erasers are sold. At $0.65, this is probably the most affordable item on any of my gift guides, and It makes a great stocking stuffer. 

          A cool way to get the creative juices flowing on a daily basis. Great for doodlers of any age. 

          If your favorite creative putterer doesn't already have a light box, then this is a great addition to their collection. Though tracing is sometimes frowned upon by serious illustrators and draftsmen, it can be incredibly useful for other crafts like making your own needlepoint patterns, for example. 

10. Whimsey Box: $165 for 12 Months, Whimsey Box
          Yes, yes. It's another month club. the $165 version is actually the most expensive. For just a monthly subscription, the recipient pays $15. Not too bad, right?

          My poor mother bought herself a set of these when she still had three kids in the house, and we all but destroyed them. They're really good markers/pens, though. Great for gift tags and other writing/drawing projects. I particularly appreciate a brush tip.

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Happy shopping and happy making!

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