Gift Guide: For The Kids' Mom

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So, I've already done a gift guide for regular moms, but moms with young kids are a whole different story. They're busy, and they're stressed, and of course, they need gifts, too!

1. Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Laceless: $54.95, Keds
          Just because moms with kids are running around after their children doesn't mean they can't have cute shoes. These fancy sneakers are perfect for making a cohesive outfit and keeping a toddler from putting everything in their mouth.

2. Fashion Gold Monogram Locket: $21, Handpicked
          Load this locket with photos of the kids, engrave it, and wrap it pretty. Voila! A thoughtful mommy gift.

3. Aerie Blanket Scarf: $29.95, Aerie
          Sometimes, when you just want to wear a tee shirt and stretchy pants, if you throw a scarf on top, it looks like a complete outfit. Easy peasy!

4. Bandages by J.Crew: $5, J.Crew
          Just because your kids get themselves into a lot of scrapes doesn't mean they have to wear boring bandages. Enter these cool J.Crew band aids.

5. Sephora Gift Card: Any Amount, Sephora
          Give this recipient some mommy me-time with a makeup update. Spear offers gift cards, and they carry lots of different kinds of products. However, if the mommy on your gift list is partial to a certain brand of cosmetics, consider purchasing a gift card for that brand and then setting up an appointment to have her makeup done. It's so relaxing, and everyone loves a little makeup update.

6. Anacin: $7.99, Walgreens
          Aspirin plus caffein? I think this is everything a young mom needs.

7. Pave Modern Arrowhead Hoop Earrings: $19.99, C Wonder
          These are great for a mom with young kids because they pretty much go with any outfit. Moms can keep these in their purse, or just in a dish by the door. Quick and easy.

8. Ceramic Peacock Lollipop Holder: $98, Jonathan Adler
          How fun would it be to come home to a peacock lollipop display!? This is also great for parties, doctors' offices, and front desks in general.

9. Bobo Diamond Fairisle Popover Gloves: $55, Jonathan Adler
          Wiping runny noses and tying shoelaces can be tough wearing mittens or regular gloves. These hybrid fingerless gloves/mittens offer warmth and dexterity.

10. Dutch Floral Cropped Sweatshirt: $75, J.Crew
          Fashion sweatshirts are pretty much the answer to all life's problems. They're comfy, cozy, and cute. Wear with yoga pants, jeans, or a cute skirt, and you've got yourself an outfit.

I hope this little shopping list helped out some dads of young kids. Happy Shopping!

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