Gift Guide: For Your Father

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It's tough to shop for dads. The usually don't really need anything. That doesn't mean we don't want to give them gifts, though. My strategy is usually to go with something completely novel and unnecessary. I feel like it usually works. 

Today I've put together a gift guide with some items that are useful and some that really aren't but are fun nonetheless. Hopefully you can find something on this list that you think will fit your father's interests and likes. So let's shop!

1. Buffalo Wing Soda: $5.95, Amazon
          This is just bizarre. But how fun is it? Very. This Sodas like peanut butter and jelly and sweet corn also exist. It's just something fun to try.

2. Men's Lochcarron Scotland Scarf: $119, Land's End

          A nice, luxurious scarf that'll go with everything and make your dad look quite dapper.

3. Marinated Steaks: $59.95, Harry and David

          This, I think, would be a real win, especially if your dad's really into steaks.

4. Wrinkle-Free Classic Fit Oxford Shirt: $75, Eddie Bauer

          I would like the women's version of this, please. Wrinkle free? Yes.

5. Gorillapod tripod: $11.25, Amazon

          For the dad who always likes to take a family photo on the holidays. Now he can just use his iPhone!

6. Swisscard Lite: $47.50, Victorinox Swiss Army

          Your dad will never be caught off his guard by a fix-it emergency with this slim tool set.

7. Circus Peanuts (4 packages): $5.16, Amazon

          I put this on the list because my dad loves circus peanuts. Discussing this with a friend the other day, I discovered her dad also loves them. So, maybe it's a dad thing?

8. Men's Wicked Good Moccasins: $69, L.L.Bean

          Fur lines moccasins are perfect for when your dad's enjoying a little leisure time. These have rubber soles, so he can even wear them outside.

9. Key Chainsaw Key Cover: $7.16, Amazon

          A novel way for your dad to keep the key to his tool shed...or car...or anything. It even has a little light so he can find the lock.

10. Rise and Shine Heat Change Mug: $11.99 Think Geek

          This mug is heat sensitive, and when it's filled with coffee it smiles! My dad doesn't drink coffee anymore, but when he was drinking it, I think he would have agreed with this mug's feelings.

Now, go forth and get some holiday shopping done!

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