Gift Guide: For Your Favorite Teen Girl

One of the most common search terms I find in my stats is "gift ideas for teenage girls." Well, readers, fear not. Today you get your 2014 answer to this problem. While I cannot suggest you go buying a new wardrobe for your teen (tastes always vary greatly), I think you can find some pretty fun ideas on this list that can be appreciated by a variety of teen queens. If your girl isn't into makeup, though, then maybe skip those parts....

1. Textured Knit Tech Earmuffs: $35, Bloomingdale's
          These are super cool for the teen queen who likes to talk on the phone or listen to music while she's outside. Keep your ears toasty and entertained all at once!

          Pair this with jeans or a skirt for great outfits for the new semester. 

          Clueless still holds up...big time. If your High School student hasn't seen it yet, the time is now. If she has, this wall calendar will be excellent. Can you believe Clueless is now sort of retro!?

          I would have loved this when I was a teenager. All the makeup for all the dress up. 

          Jazz up those sneakers with a little mustache. These also come in wings. Pretty fun. 

          Just a cute little bit of sparkle that'll go with pretty much every outfit. 

7. Floral Binder: $7.99, Target
          If your student has block scheduling or otherwise starts a new bunch of classes every second semester, a fun new binder is always a great way to feel like the semester is fresh with no mistakes in it...yet. 

8. E-Gift Card: $25 - $1000, Urban Outfitters
          This is an E Gift Card, but you can get them in person, too, if you live near an Urban Outfitters. It's tough for parents or non-peers to pick out clothes for teens. With this, you can print out a copy of it and let her choose what she likes!

          I'm not going to lie. I own some glitter mascara. I pull it out every now and then just for a little extra oomph. This one's cool, though, because it also includes liquid liner. 

          With this gift, she can paint each one of her toes or fingers a different color. 

          Markers are a serious high school staples. Glitter markers are kicking it up a notch!

Happy Shopping!

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