Gift Guide: For Your Grandmother

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Shopping for your grandmother can be a real task. She's lived two generations longer than you have, so she's had plenty of time to accumulate lots of stuff. So what do you get a woman who probably actually has absolutely everything? I have a few suggestions.

          Chances are, your grandmother already has a robe. But how old is it? And is it as cozy as this one?

2. Aerie Scuffs: $24.95, Aerie
          I know, Aerie is generally for younger ladies, but I'm telling you from personal experience, these slippers are super comfy. Perfect for some granny feet. 

          Any of the frames on Zenni Optical can be made into prescription sunglasses. Now, all you need to do is contact your grandmother's eye doctor and get her prescription. Super cute sunglasses are just a few clicks away. 

         If your grandmother has Diabetes, perhaps she'd like some of this specialty lotion. They've certainly been talking about it on TV a lot lately. I had no idea dry skin was a big issue for diabetic people. The more you know. 

          Because your grandmother needs to refill that cut glass candy dish sometime. 

          I have a grandmother who would have absolutely eaten this up when I was younger. My guess is that yours would, too. 

          Get your grandmother in on the tortoise shell trend with these easy-to-wear clip on earrings...because she doesn't have pierced ears. 

          This is the perfect gift for a grandmother (or mother) who has lots of people to occupy her locket. Now she doesn't have to put a group shot in there!

          Sometimes when you have coasters printed online, you have to use the same picture on all of them. With these, though, you can just slip the photo you want in there. Voila! A little variety!

          Keep those matching track suits fresh with this lavender perfumed sachet!

Ok, now that we've got this solved, next item to tackle is your grandfather. I'm going to need to think on this one. 

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