Gift Guide: from Indie Craft Experience

On my way home from work last Thursday, NPR informed me that November 22 and 23, the Atlanta Freight Depot would be hosting the Indie Craft Experience. There would be booths and booths of makers selling their wares for the holiday season. I knew I needed to go.

My friend Sara was game for an adventure, so we made our way downtown for some IRL shopping. The main room was much larger than I had expected, and so we girded our loins for some serious perusing. There were so many booths and vendors that we had to walk through twice to make sure we'd seen absolutely everything, taking a break for some hot apple cider and an incredible oatmeal cookie peanut butter sandwich from Jimella's Bakery. I cannot tell you how delicious that was. 

There were so many excellent finds at the Indie Craft Experience (or ICE) that I decided I needed to make a gift guide including items from a few of the vendors at the depot. So, below I'll post links to all the goodies in the collage, and then below, I'll show you some photos of what ICE was really like. So, check it out!

1. Penguin Finger Puppet: $95, Petit Felts on Etsy 
          Though this is called a finger puppet, the booth at ICE was really cute, displaying all of these precious animals on little wooden peg stands. This is such great gift for a baby's room.

2. Atlanta Print by Mike Lowery: $23, Argyle Academy
          This print is both cool and informative. If you're an Atlanta native, or have lived here at any point, this is a perfect bit of art for your home. Bonus: I met the artist, and he was really nice. 

          These necklaces are simple and fun and could spice up any outfit. The little tassel is a great detail to add some interest to the back. This whole Etsy store is actually really cute. I highly recommend heading over there and checking it out!

          This was one of the most professional-looking booths at ICE. My favorite item in this booth was actually a pack of neon pink pencils with gold foil hearts. Unfortunately they weren't available on the website. These Everyday Mail Flair stickers are great, though, for your friend who still loves snail mail.

          These brass dart studs are quirky and cool. If you're really literal, they might be perfect for an outing to a bar with billiards and dart boards. 

          This is a really good statement necklace to throw on with a basic outfit. I love the colors, and it'd go great with a lot of different ensembles. At $15, this is a steal!

          The website for The Cordial Churchman actually features a photo of illustrator/designer Stephen Crotts and his wife. I loved that. Furthermore, for the right guy, a quirky/cool bow tie is the perfect gift. 

          I always say I could drink balsamic vinegar, and at Strippaggio's table at ICE, I actually did. Here I've linked the Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, but the White Balsimic was also excellent. These were the only two I tried, but they were magnificent and thick. I highly recommend this as a gift (to me). 

          All of the jewelry on Lizerati is really nice and minimal. She has constellation necklaces, little triangular studs, and a bunch more lovely designs. She had a lot more inventory at ICE than she currently does on Etsy, so check back later for more items!

          I like how simple these earrings are. These are a safe bet for pretty much any lady with pierced ears. Cameoko also offers similar necklaces. Very nice. 

          This is a cool gift, especially if you happen to have a Peruvian friend. If not, It's still pretty great. 

          I think this would be the perfect piece of art for a breakfast nook or a kitchen, especially for a real coffee lover. $25 for an art print is pretty good. At that price, you can still afford to matte and frame it for gifting. 

For more of the vendors from Atlanta's Indie Craft Experience, check out the vendor list here. Most of the vendors have links to their websites, so you can peruse from the comfort of your couch! 

And down here, we have more photos: 

The first image is from Rkitekt. I thought these necklaces were too cute to pass without taking a photo.

Second, you can see an image of the cute pencils at the Betsy White booth. I loved them all

Here's a photo of the excellent oatmeal and peanut butter cookie sandwiches at Jimella's Bakery.

I really wanted to post this "Don't Call It Hotlanta" tee, but they actually don't have them available online yet. It's from You've Been Noted. 

This little guy is from Petit Felts.

And so is this precious piglet.

Lastly, we have this fabulous Balsamic Vinegar. I actually did drink it, and it was delicious.

Happy Shopping!

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