Gift Guide: Magnificent Mothers

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Mothers are the best, and they really bring the holidays together. That's why it's really important to make sure your mom's gift is something great, thoughtful, and very special. Don't always give her cooking stuff...unless she's really into cooking...or  unless she specifically asked for it. Give her something fun and/or frivolous. Something totally unnecessary yet completely lovely.

Today I've tried to put together a list of things that would fit into the category of "just because." They're not particularly useful. They're just some nice little bits and pieces your mom might enjoy.

Mom, if you're reading this, don't worry. I'll make your gift a surprise.

Now, let's get to linking!

1. Geometric Earrings: $19.99, Zara
          These particular earrings may not be your mom's style, but I remember one year my mom asked for some inexpensive fashion jewelry, just so she could have a little update to her accessories collection. I think we often assume that moms only want fine jewelry, which can of course be a bit pricey. A little trendy sparkle and shine may be just what the doctor ordered to spice up your mom's wardrobe!

2. Soap of the Month Club (6 months): $27, DavisMain on Etsy
          I just love the idea of a brand new bar of soap every month. Even though I suppose that soap, by nature, is clean, the thought of a fresh bar is so appealing. This is especially great if there are guest bathrooms in your house.

3. Vintage-Washed 600 Sateen Pajamas: $129, Restoration Hardware
          Your mom can relax in style in these classic, luxurious pajamas. You can even have them monogrammed with her initials! Oh la la!

4. Horn Tray with Condiment Bowls: $38.99, Williams-Sonoma
          This definitely falls into the "unnecessary" category, but it's so pretty! And, how much more sophisticated would ranch dressing or ketchup or mustard seem if you were dipping it out of these delightful little bowls?

5. Organic Lavender Body Scrub: $28, Ulta
          Lavender is a lovely, relaxing scent, and if there's anyone who needs to relax, it's your mom. If this scrub (or price tag) doesn't strike your fancy, though, there are plenty of DIY Body Scrub Recipes on Pinterest. Perhaps she'd like something a little more home made?

6. Metallic Playing Cards: $18, Anthropologie
          Fancy-up your mom's card group with a pack of these glamorous cards from Anthropologie. They come in gold and rose gold, and they are simply fabulous!

7. Real Simple Magazine: 2 subscriptions for $23
          My sister subscribes to the idea that a magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving, and I happen to agree. Real Simple magazine is just one of myriad choices out there for the taking. With this particular deal, though, you can get one subscription of you, and one for your mom. Not bad, eh?

8. Natori Sherpa Robe: $130, Natori
          Natori makes some fine and fabulous robes. This one, though, seems particularly wonderful for the Holiday season. It's soft and lined in Sherpa for some extra-cozy coffee and newspaper time.

9. Massage Envy Gift Card: $ any amount, Massage Envy
          There may not be a Massage Envy spa near you, but the point here is to give your mom a wonderful, relaxing experience for her gift. This doesn't even have to be a massage, really. It could be a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, or a makeover. Just give her some excellent me-time

10. Celestial Coaster Set: $32, Anthropologie
          Does your mother always encourage you to use a coaster? Why not get her some really lovely ones? These Celestial Coasters come in a bunch of different colors, so think about what color would go best with her living room, and voila! You've got a pretty gift.

Check back tomorrow for more holiday gift ideas!

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