Happy Singles Day! (Plus another Gift Guide)

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Well, Spinsters, it would seem that once again China has gotten something very, very right. At this moment, all around China, spinsters just like you and me are celebrating Singles Day. Click that link to learn all about this excellent custom.

So, since today is a celebration of singleness, I thought today's holiday gift guide should be for the single ladies. Well, and also because that's what this blog is supposed to be about. I'm not making any promises that this will be the last spinster-themed gift guide of the season. Just saying.

1. Aerie High Rise Pajama Pants: $29.95, Aerie
          Every single lady needs some excellent loungewear. Aerie places a specific emphasis on making sure their fabrics are soft and comfy, making these a great choice. A word to the wise, though: Go a size or two up when ordering bottoms from Aerie. I'm not sure they're made for adults.

2. Nutella Cookbook: $12.95, Paper Source

3. Paper Source Donuts Magnets: $15.99, Paper Source
          If you read the wikipedia page for Singles Day, you know that it involves doughnuts. So, I thought these magnets were only appropriate.

4. HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp: $39.95, Amazon
          Sometimes watching all that Netflix and avoiding the coupled world leaves a Single Lady severely deficient of Vitamin D. Enter the Happy Light. You may want one for your desk at work and one for the table next to your sofa. This way, you may never actually have to go outside.

5. Kitten Oven Mitt: $8.82, Amazon
          Sometimes a Friday night is best spend eating cookies right out of the oven while working through your Netflix Queue. Make sure your knitting finger don't get burned by wearing this cuddly oven mitt.

6. Wildfox Tiny Horror Story T-Shirt: $65, Selfridges
          After a blissful weekend of blessed solitude, every spinster dreads Monday morning. Then, perhaps every person dreads Mondays.

7. ASOS Cat Sheer Panel Socks: $9.48, ASOS
          You can never have too many pairs of Cat socks.

8. Cats Glass: $7, Fishs Eddy
          These are great glasses. They also come in a dog version. On those, the dogs are actually obeying the commands.

9. Shaped Cheese Board: $38, C Wonder
          For when you're workin' on your night cheese.

10. Velvet Slippers: $48, Boden
          Personally, my feet are always hot. However, if they weren't, I'd want some really cute slippers. With the big fluffy pompoms and cozy lining on these, I think they'd be a great option.

Happy shopping, and enjoy your Singles Day!

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