#FAFATL Christmas Ornaments

unicorn-christmas-ornament, cat-christmas-ornament
Hooray for Friday. I always wake up singing Rebecca Black on Friday Mornings. You know, you just gotta get down on Friday.

Of course since it's Friday, it's also time for #FAFATL, and today I've made some very special Free Art Friday Christmas Ornaments to leave around Atlanta. As always, if you live in the Atlanta area, and you want to check the progress of my drops, you can check my Instagram throughout the day.

Don't forget: tomorrow is the last Gift Guide of the season, and then I'll be starting in on a brand new series of the 12 Gifs of Christmas! This year they'll be much less literal. Get excited!

Now, I must go because a puppy is staring at me while I eat a pop tart. She needs to go on a walk.

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