Gift Guide: Comfy Cozy

Well, my dear spinsters, the day has come. This is the last of the Gift Guides, and whether you're excited about it or not, Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. (The goose, in this situation, is me). It's Saturday, and I thought it was only fitting that the last gift guide be loungewear. Today's guide has an assortment of robes, pajamas, and sundry comfy items  - from the absolutely glorious to the completely absurd. 

I hope you enjoy this gift guide, and Please feel free to buy it all for me (except #s 5 and 8). Now, let's link it up!

1. Natori Sherpa Micro Velour Robe: $79.99, 6pm
          Natori Robes are so delicious. Their bread and butter is these amazing printed satin robes, but they're super pricey, and I daresay not great to put on straight out of the shower. This, however, looks like heaven. It's soft on the outside an on the inside, and it's under $100. It's a deal.

          I'm currently trying very hard not to purchase this robe before Christmas. It's basically exactly what I want to throw on at 5 in the morning when I am taking Miranda out for her first walk of the day. It's like my long puffy coat, but it doesn't have that super long sipper that always gets stuck about three inches after I start zipping up my coat. Bonus: it's like wearing the comforter off of your bed. Who could ask for anything more?

          Firstly, I'd just like to say how much I love the name "cuddle puff." If I had a fat cat, I might need to name it cuddle puff. Secondly, Carter's makes something very similar to this for children, and I always want one. Voila! Here it is! It's not quite as puffy as the kids' one, but it'll do in a pinch. 

          To get the full feeling of how ridiculous this is, you need to watch the Forever Lazy Commercial. My favorite part is around minute 1 when they show people actually wearing these outside. Yep. I dare you.

5. Elf Suit Pajamas: $17.99, Target
          Please do not, under any circumstances, purchase this item for me. However, if you're totally fit, and you are really into being a little Christmas Elf, then knock yourself out.

          This is what I imagine myself wearing as I descend a set of curved stairs to greet my house guests when I become a recluse. This will all be taking place in the Biltmore Estate, which I will obviously own and inhabit by then. Every other day, though, I'll wear a semi-sheer robe over a fabulous opaque night dress. The sheer robe will have bits of metallic lace and will be trimmed with ostrich feathers at its bell sleeve. It will be beautiful.

7. Cozy Pod: $79.99, Pajamagram
          This is insanity. If you want to look like one of those hamsters from the Kia commercials while you eat pizza and watch netflix, this is the outfit for you. 

          I went to Carolina, so that's why I made this robe so tiny. The truth, though, is that the Carolina robe is not as cute as the Clemson one. Fans Edge, though, has all sorts of College and professional sports team gear, which is, of course, incredibly giftable. 

          This is potentially the most normal thing on this list. I had to make sure you knew I wasn't entirely crazy.

10. Aerie Cozy Robe Gift: $44.96, Aerie
          Personally, my hind quarters are a bit too large for short robes, but I know many a girl who prefers a shorter robe. So, this is the answer to #1 on the list, and it's also much more affordable! I believe it also comes nicely folded with a cute little bow. Excellent.

Now, I hope you all have a good idea of what you'll be wearing during your next Netflix marathon. Don't forget that tomorrow the brand new 12 Gifs of Christmas series begins!

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