Gift Guide: Festive Fingers

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Well, spinsters, it's Thursday, and we've reached the second-to-last Gift Guide of the season. We've had a good run. Tomorrow will be a #FAFATL post, and after that is the last gift guide. So, I thought today's post should be something fun - something you might want to give yourself. I have, of course, written about my love of glitter polish before. But, since all those polishes are sold by now, I thought it couldn't hurt to show some new, home made ones from Etsy. Cheery fingers and/or toes are just the way to celebrate the season!

1. That Takes the Cake: $5.37, Echoes Polish on Etsy
          This nail polish looks like birthday cake with sprinkles. I can see this being a great nail color year-round. 

2. Pistol Packing Pink: $10, Sparkle Factor Lacquer on Etsy
          This polish is more of a multi than a pink, but it's a nice departure from the regular all-pink glitters. It looks like fun party confetti!

          I think this nail polish glows in the dark, only under a black light. But I love the neon pink color with little specks of other colors. Great for party fingers!

          This polish reminds me of Saved by the Bell. It's a topcoat, too, so you can wear it by itself, or paint it over another color for lots of different looks.

5. Laugh Myself Lily: $8.75, KB Shimmer on Etsy
          I just really like these two colors together, obviously. If The Spinsterhood Diaries web page had a nail polish, I guess this one would be it...since they match.

          This seems like a nice New Year's Eve nail polish. It's pretty literal with the stars, but there are lots of different ways you can wear it, as you can see in the other pictures of it on Etsy.

          This is a solid glitter choice. It's pink and white, so it's girly. It's not really a basic topcoat, thought, so it's something different. 

          I love rose gold, so this pink-and-gold combo is right up my alley. 

          Here we have another glow polish. I just think these are really cool.

10. Taffy: $8.50, Rainbow Polish on Etsy
          There have been so many articles this year about pastel outerwear, and I think this would be a great companion polish color to all those cotton candy coats. 

There are so many cool glitter polishes on Etsy, but if you're feeling creative, check the DIY Gift Guide for a tutorial on how to make your own!

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