Gift Guide: For Grandfathers


Well, spinsters, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and that means the crunch is really on. So, as promised, today I've put together a gift guide for grandfathers. 

The items on this list are mostly based on things my grandfather does and/or likes, but hopefully there are some similarities between yours and mine! Here's hoping today's gift guide helps with your Holiday shopping!

1. Bean's Sherpa-Lined Jac Shirt, Plaid: $69, L.L. Bean
          L.L. Bean has several permutations of what they call the Jac Shirt. I think they're all pretty genius. They're cozier than a regular shirt but lighter than a real jacket. In my grandfather's case, these would be great for puttering around his workshop, fixing things. 

          I gave my grandfather some nice, thick, warm socks last Christmas, and my mom said he would try to wear them every day. By now he's probably needing another pair. 

          My grandfather is a huge fan of a clever gadget. This bottle opener works with one hand. I have a feeling he could put away some RC Cola with this handy dandy gift. 

4. Restaurant Gift Certificate (this one for Simply Southern Bistro): Any Dollar Amount a your grandfather's favorite restaurant. 
          Like anyone, your grandparents probably have a favorite restaurant. Now that my grandparents have moved from Charleston to Sumter, they have a few new favorites. One is a place called the Golden Chick, but today I've chosen to shoe Simply Southern Bistro because I think it'd be a little more of a date location for them. Whatever you choose, though, just think of it as taking your grandparents out to dinner. That's just nice.

5. UGG Olsen Slippers: $54.99, 6pm
          My coworker Teresa says she gets a new pair of UGG slippers every holiday season. She swears by them. I think my grandfather deserves to have luxurious foot comfort as well. 

          Every Christmas at my house, we pull out a giant, complex puzzle. I love the idea of having a 1,000 piece puzzle with a picture of my grandparents' first great grandchild or their cat, Little Bit on a puzzle. This idea is under serious consideration for my grandfather.

          Help your grandfather look dapper this Holiday Season with this nice, soft scarf. 

          When I was little, my grandfather used to always pop popcorn at his house before we watched TV in his corduroy recliner. There was a little towel on the headrest to protect the fabric from the pomade in his hair. Whenever I asked him what he had made to eat, he would say, "This is some Gourmet popcorn." I would always ask him what "gourmet" meant, and he would say "it means 'just for you.'" Now, whenever I see gourmet popcorn...or gourmet anything, I think it's just for me. 

9. Cheez-It: $2.88, Amazon
          My grandfather won't eat cheese because he thinks it's rotten, but he absolutely loves Cheez-Its. Go figure. Either way, every now and then I add a couple boxes of Cheez-Its to my gift rotation. They're easy to wrap, and you can get them pretty much anywhere groceries are sold.

          Grandfathers like to carry pocket knives. It's one of the things that makes them so helpful. Why not get your grandfather an extra snazzy one with his name or initials? 

Happy Shopping!

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