Gift Guide: For Your Favorite Unicorn

So far we've been covering all your family  members and close friends with all these gift guides. But what if you know someone who's a little different from everyone else on your list? What if you know...a unicorn? First of all, if you know a unicorn, bravo to you. I'm fairly sure they can grant wishes and stuff. If that's true, then I'd like to be introduced. I have lots of wishes that haven't been granted, one of which is that chocolate and pizza actually made you lose weight. I think we all wish that, though.

Perhaps you don't know an actual unicorn, but you do have a friend who's just quirky enough to fall into the "unicorn fanatic" category. Well, then, this gift guide is for her. Some of these items are cute even if you aren't sitting a rainbow (see especially #s 3, 8, and 5). Some are just a lot of fun and will make interesting gifts for the right recipient. So let's get linking, shall we?

1. Unicorn Head Wall Mount: $145: Nocik on Etsy
          On one hand this is a little creepy. On the other hand, it's kind of perfect for a little girl's room. Right?

          Most days I wish my hair looked like this. Whether your giftee uses this as a pony tail for her head or her hiney,  it's lovely. 

          You don't have to be a unicorn fanatic to find this print quite magical. I like the elongated proportions here as well as the peach and blue color story. 

          I actually own this shirt, and I slept in it last night. It was a gift, but I've absolutely loved it. Whatever the subject matter, tees from The Mountain are magnificent. They're a domestic product of the United States and are made from Organic Cotton. The more you wash and wear them, the softer they get. They are perfect for sleeping and also looking like a nerd.

          This lipstick comes in lots of colors. The only thing that really makes it "unicorn lipstick" is the tube. Still, though, it's nice. It even comes in colors like blue and green. 

          I got this image from the Harajuku Station. That website is worth perusing. There are lots of interesting things for the right person. 

7. Unicorn Head Mask: $11.98, Amazon
          I mean, I don't think I really need to say much about this. I think you just need it. 

          I have a friend in South Carolina who makes the most fabulous cookies. I'd love to see what she could do with some shaped like unicorns. Jessica? Are you ready for a challenge?

          Can these get any more perfect? 

          I love that Irregular Choice exists. They continue to amaze me. I follow them on Instagram and am constantly amazed by their creations. They post everything from tiger backpacks to kitty purses to garden gnome heels. Pretty cool.

So, remember: if you know a magical unicorn who grants wishes, I've got a pretty long list. Send that baby my way. 

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