Gift Guide: For Your Friend With Naked Walls

For the first time since I've been a real adult, I have an apartment with some art on the walls. I've actually put holes in the walls and hung a few framed prints. While initially I didn't like the expense incurred for something that doesn't necessarily have a function, but it is impossible to ignore how much more the art on my walls makes my apartment feel like home. 

When you buy all your own art yourself, it can get expensive. However, art doesn't have to be expensive. There are lots of options from original artwork to prints to photography. Today, though, we're going to explore some options you may want to consider for your best naked-walled friend (or perhaps yourself)!

          I know I've shown this idea already in my gift guides, but with this one, all you have to do is order it! Not all states are available, but if yours is, then you're in luck!

          I love all of Lee Price's food paintings. They might just aptly describe how i feel about desserts. Check out the whole site. It's worth your while. 

          These are clearly items you'd want to hang in a girl or woman's room, not a man's...unless he's into women's clothing and soaps. I think this is great for a single lady's bedroom or bathroom. Or, if your closet is gigantic, maybe hang it in there!

          So you can't afford a Rothko. You can probably afford this, though. Very nice. 

          Great for your kitchen or, in my case, any room in your house and also in your car. 

6. Willy Nilly: $100, Great.Ly
          I really like this print. It looks like it's a bunch of fun and was a bunch of fun to make. 

          This would go great in my guest room. So...maybe I'm going to have to get it. 

          I particularly like this because I'm a fashion designer. If you happen to have just a regular "fashionista" (that word makes me die a thousand deaths now that I'm on the other end) on your list, though, perhaps this is also appropriate for her!

          This is a departure from Garance Dore's usual artwork, but I quite like it. Of course, I like the more figurative ones as well. 

          I want this. So, if you happen to have a picture of my dog, and you want to get me this, I will graciously accept it. Thank you. 

          Ok, yes. This is once more the shameless self promotion. My mom has this large sized print. You can also order this with a matte and frame, and it'll come all ready to hang on your wall!

          I want to be Britt Bass Turner when I grow up. She is an Atlanta artist who makes these really fun paintings, and she has her very own studio. This is her real life job. I want to do that. 

Now, go forth and dress your (or your friends') walls!

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