Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Guide: Guides from Other People

We're nearing the point in December, where if you don't order something soon, you'll need to shop in a real live store. Because of that, the gift guides will be ending soon. Before I stop making guides, though, I thought I'd share a few I found in my travels on Pinterest. These guides were so great, I had to share!

1. The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide from Brit + Co
          For clever, hilarious gift ideas. This blog is actually great for a lot of things. Check it out!

          Everyone needs affordable gift ideas. If you're a woman, you probably also need ideas for men because they're pretty difficult to shop for. 

          Esquire is a tastemaker in the world of men's fashion and consumer products. I trust their opinion on gift ideas.     

          This is one of a series of gift guides that I really liked. I chose this particular installment because I'm a blogger, of course! Feel free to cull some ideas for my Christmas gift. Thanks.

          InStyle is one of the magazines to which I subscribe. I like their shopping guides in general, but  gifts for under $25 is one I think everyone needs. 

          Lucky Magazine is all about the shopping. So, check out their top picks for your gifts!

          This gift guide is slick and full of different categorizations. Once you get through the intro, there's a world of great ideas. 

          The Atlantic is a hip magazine for intelligent people. If there's someone hip and intelligent on your list, then perhaps this is the place to look.

          Now, you know I love Go Fug Yourself. If you want to read some excellent commentary along with your giftables, this is the guide for you.

          This is full of great last minute ideas for your office party, especially if you work in one of those offices where there's one of these awkward events. If all else fails, go to the convenience store and buy some scratch off lottery cards. 

Happy Shopping!