Gift Guide: The Leftovers

So, as I've been making all the gift guides, I've been storing all potential gifts on a secret Pinterest board. While I have, indeed, shown a bunch of gift ideas, some of them just didn't make it into the 10-item gift guides. That, my friends, is why today I've created a "leftovers" post. There were too many of these to make into an actual gift guide, so with the help of Boxagon, I've put together little pods of goodness.

Even on Boxagon, I wasn't able to add all the items that were on my secret board. There are some retailers they don't offer. However, I do think that my leftovers smorgasbord will be fun to peruse. So, - as my high school drama teacher used to say - without further adon't, I'll embed the first box.

(Remember, you can click on the boxes to see more items)

The Leftovers by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

My second box could well have been a gift guide, but I think it's more of a suggestion list based on some of the books I've listened to on Audible in the past few months. All except What We Eat When We Eat Alone are in my audible library. I saw that book in a gift shop, and it's really funny. Very giftable. I may have to purchase it and do a separate post. Until then, though, please enjoy this box!

giftable books by Sarah Jones on Boxagon.

Happy Shopping! The Gift Guides of 2014 will be drawing to a close very soon, and I will be putting together a brand new "12 Gifs of Christmas" series on the 14th. Get yo' self ready.

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