Nine Ladies Prancing

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Spinster gave to me....Nine ladies prancing, eight felons bilking, seven trees-a-trimming, six girls-a-lazing, fiiiiiiive chicken wings, four famous nerds, three french men, two chubby pugs, and a puppy playing with feet!

I must give full disclosure and say that today's gif is one of my very favorite of this entire series. It's weird and wacky, and if you don't know the reference, allow me to embed the video. All I have to say is that if doing Prancercise makes you as slim as this lady, sign me up.

See below the glorious Prancercise video (in case you missed it that time it was on the news).

Now, wasn't that magnificent?

Stay tuned tomorrow for ten of something you may or may not want to get in your stocking.

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