Three French Men

On the third day of Christmas, the Spinster gave to me....Three french men, two chubby pugs, and a puppy playing with feet!

I cannot tell a lie. For today's Christmas Gif, I had to do a little research. There weren't too many people I was 100% sure were french. Of course, the first person who came to mind was Napoleon Bonaparte, pictured at the top. I love that he was both Emperor of the French and King of Italy. I can't get much better than that. The man had swagger. That's why he got the glitter beret.

On the left we have Serge Gainsbourg which, as a fashion designer, I'm really surprised I didn't think of sooner. The Gainsbourgs are always muses for some designer or other. Rarely pictured without his cigarette, I think it's fair to say he's an iconic frenchman.

Lastly we have Gerard Depardieu, a french Actor. You probably remember him from his role in Green Card with Andie MacDowell. They say people's noses never stop growing, and he is living proof.

So, stay tuned tomorrow for your next Christmas Gif!

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