Top Ten of 2014

Well, Spinsters, I know I said I wouldn't be back until the New Year, but here I am! You weren't planning on reading anything else, were you? Oh...well, you can read this, TOO, then.

Now, over the holidays, I was reminded that every year, my sister and her husband come up with a list of their top ten favorite things from the past 365 days. Of course I thought that would be an excellent way for me to reflect on what has been yet another year of Spinsterhood. Let's get started!

In no particular order:

10. Santa Monica
          This one was at the very beginning of 2014, but I thoroughly enjoyed Santa Monica, California. The sunsets were breathtaking, and though I'd been to California before, I think I'd like to Stay in Santa Monica every time I go back. It's beautiful, and the weather is the best.

          Though ASMR existed before this year, 2014 was the first time I'd heard about it. Crazy. Then, of course, I needed to make some videos. Just in case you needed some new relaxation, I made a new one that's sort of a combination of a haul video and an ASMR video. Well, not sort of, it is that. See below.

8. Celebrating Katie
          This year I travelled to my home town to celebrate my old theater teacher. I got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, and it really did my heart good. I almost wish we could do this every year.

7. Buford Highway
          I may have had some adventures on Buford Highway before 2014, but this was the year I really made an effort to discover all its charms. Top on my list? Banh mi and foot massages. Both, I think, are a must.

6. Mexico
          Though I've travelled internationally alone a couple of times before (namely London and South Korea), my trip to Mexico was the first time I hadn't met someone on the other side. It was very relaxing not having to worry about anyone else's travel preferences. Next time, though, I'll choose lodgings that are a little closer to some walkable attractions.

5. Buying a car
          I can't believe I made it all the way to 29 years of age without ever having bought a car on my own. Check that off the list. With bluetooth audio and a usb port, I really feel like I'm now traveling to work in a space ship.

4. Free Art Friday:
          This year, I really started hanging out with my friend Sara, and she has introduced me to a bunch of really cool new things. The one that stands out the most, though, is Free Art Friday. I love participating in this on a weekly basis. Additionally, I got to go to the Free Art Friday Secret Santa Party this year, and it was so cool to meet some of the Instagrammers  and artists I follow in person. (that is, meeting them in person. I don't actually follow them in person. That would be weird)

3. 1989
          I know, Taylor Swift didn't make her new album just for me this year, but I sure did love it. For me, music is one of the things that most reminds me of a certain time in life. I wonder what kinds of feelings I'll have when I listen to "Blank Space," ten years from now.

2. The Spinster Song
          Perhaps one of my greatest achievements of 2014 (haha) was the creation of my very first music video. Of course I'll embed it below! I suppose I should note here as well that "Fancy" was quite the musical debut this year as well.

1. Miranda!
          This year, despite all my love for cats and kittens, I actually go ta little puppy from the Oconee Regional Humane Society, and she is the sweetest little baby I've ever met. As I write this, she's chewing on a little toy that looks like a raccoon. Sometimes she's bad, but she's always so cute. I'm afraid I should warn you to expect more photos of her in 2015.

Now that you know my top ten, what's yours? Think about that, and I'll see you next year!

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