Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hey! Hey! It's Saturday (and a Crossword)

Every Saturday I wake up, and at some point during the morning I think, "Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! What a Daaaaay! Oh What a Day!" I know. Weird. But let me explain.

Every summer when I was little, my church did a summer music camp where we learned an entire musical from a company like Dovetail or Kathy Hill Music. There was one called Nic at Night which told the story of Nicodemus, and there was one called The Mission Connection. Those are two of the most memorable ones for me, but the one that bore this song - and perhaps my mom will remind me in the comments - escapes me. I don't remember much of the song, either, and googling hasn't helped. So...if any of you remember it, please do let me know.

But in any case: Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! What a daaaay! Oh, what a daaay! Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! Sleepin' till noon, watchin' cartoons. Nothing can go wrong cause it's Saturday all day long!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I've made you a saturday crossword above. I'll post the answers tomorrow, so please do enjoy!

Friday, January 30, 2015

#FAFATL 5 of 2015 (and some links)

It's Friday, Friday, and for me that means free art! I've only got two today because Miranda has been keeping me on my toes. As always, if you want to play along with the free art friday scavenger hunt, you can check out my Instagram to see where I post mine. You can also click on the #FAFATL, #FreeArtFriday, and #FreeArtsMovement hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to see what else is being posted throughout the day!

Now for some links to make this visit worth your while. These are a few things I've pinned on my Pinterest this week:

1. I had no idea West Elm has a blog with lots of home decor before and afters. I love this.

2. This DIY Origami Wall Art reminded me of my friend Sara. Plus, it's pretty good looking and could add a little dimension to an otherwise flat wall.

3. Pro-Femenist, Pro-Cats. That pretty much sums it up, I guess.

4. Please look at these precious photos of a dog in sunglasses. I wish I looked as good as this dog in my sunglasses.

5. I posted this Cat Lady Sweatshirt on Zazzle because I'm obsessed.

6. I would like this blanket in the form of a rug. Thank you very much.

7. I don't have stairs in my apartment, but if I did, I'd want one of these slides.

8. This sketch from last week's SNL made me laugh so hard. I posted it on The Spinsterhood Diaries' Facebook page, but I think it's possible I'm the only one who laughed as hard as I did at this sketch.

9. I know it's cold outside, but this print makes me ready for summer. You can order it in so many different ways...from a mug to a pillow to a duvet cover. I love it.

10. Kate Spade Saturday has partnered with New Balance to make some pretty fun sneakers. I love them all. One of each, please.

Happy Friday, and if you're in the Atlanta area, happy hunting (for art)!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Fun: Food Maze

More than a few of my friends lately have attributed some excellent weight loss to stress. I'd love to have that problem. Unfortunately, as a spinster, I subside mainly on a diet of feelings. Let me make that more clear: I am chunky because I eat my feelings. But ah...whaddaya gonna do?

Yesterday I successfully survived the day without the can of soda I so desperately wanted. Instead, I chose the much healthier option of about fifteen dove milk chocolate squares and seven cherry Jolly Ranchers. Don't worry, though, I still ate all three meals plus a little nibble of my puppy.

Today's image is essentially how I felt yesterday. I wanted to eat everything. No, nothing in particular went wrong. I just...wanted to eat everything. What's new, right?

So, in honor of the spinsterly desire to devour everything in my path, I've decided to make this a little more fun than becoming Gilbert Grape's mother. If you're not quite ready to start working yet today, print out this food maze, and try to solve it! Good luck!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Valentine's Day Printables!

printable-valentine, printable-valentines, valentine's-day-printables

Well, I know. We're not that much closer to Valentine's Day than we were this weekend, but I had some more Valentines I wanted to share in case you love sending snail mail as much as I do. Now, there's something I think I've forgotten to mention in the last few printable posts, and that is the size. These cards were all made in 5" x 7" format, so they should fit nicely on half of an 8.5" x 11" with a little trimming. If you print them any larger, they might get a little pixellated.

The first card here is about cute aggression. If you've ever hard the urge to squeeze any of your loved ones really unreasonably hard because they're so cute, then this card is probably for you.

This one is great for anyone who does way more for you than anyone has the right to expect. So, basically, your mom.


I once said this to a boyfriend who didn't realize it was a creepy song lyric. Severe embarrassment ensued. You're welcome. That is your daily chuckle at my expense.

We all have a friend (or are the friend) who loves sparkle and glitter. This is for that friend. After you print this one, you may want to add a little extra real life glitter. Just a suggestion.

This one is for your friend or loved one who has had to do any kind of serious color matching in their life. They will understand.

Now, since I know all of you are planning on sending me Valentines because I won't actually have a human valentine, I'm just going to request you send them to my office so I look extra popular. Early, late, and on-time Valentines will all be appreciated. Please note that I will be in New York for work on the actual day of Valentine's Day. Thanks very much.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photoshoppery: Michelle Dockery

It's Tuesday, and that's not really anything special. If you're a spinster, it means all you want to do is eat pizza and go back to bed. Alas, you must go to work. To soften the blow, I've made some photoshoppery just for giggles. I did some catch-up and watched this week's episode of Downton Abbey yesterday, and I thought it was only fitting that I photoshop Michelle Dockery, probably better known to you as Lady Mary.

Our first image here is when she was on Maury. She then went by Arica, and as you can see, she found a tooth in her house that Michael couldn't explain.

Next we have this vintage photo from when she was much smaller. She wasn't younger, just smaller.

Did you know that Ms. Dockery is a triplet? Well, now you do. Which one do you think she is?

This was when she was really into Metallics. She even dyed her hair a copper color.

Lastly we have this image from when Michelle Dockery was a child bride.

I hope you've all had a chuckle from at least one of these images. My personal favorite is the one from Maury.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Zazzle Now Has Nail Art

You guys. I don't know how I missed this, but now on Zazzle, you can design your own nail art. Yes, yes. It's a little pricey compared to what you might buy in the drugstore, but you can design your own.
fairisle-nail-decals, sweater-nail-decals, heart-nail-decals

Now, I know you know what's coming next. Once I discovered this magnificent fact, I had to make my own designs and put them in the Zazzle Spinster Store. As you can see, so far I've posted a floral design and a little heart fair isle design which I think could be quite nice for Valentine's Day. Next, though, we have the year-round Spinster fashion Nail Art. I had to. it's the kittens.

Now, if you feel that you absolutely need any of this nail art, it's all available in the Zazzle Spinster Store. And of course you can make your own, though, too!

And now I'm going to link the rest of the crazy designs I made last night on Zazzle.

multi stripe nail art Minx® nail art
multi stripe nail art Minx® nail art by spinsterstore
Check out other Nails Stickers at Dazzle

Well, and I didn't make these last night, but now that I realized I can link through HTML, I'm going to add them here anyway...mostly because my sister commented that she wanted all the notebooks from the Spinster Store post
Ballet Flat Notebook
Ballet Flat Notebook by spinsterstore
Check out more Fashion Notebooks at Zazzle
Floral Notebook
Floral Notebook by spinsterstore
Check out other Flowers Notebooks at
Lipstick Print Notebook
Lipstick Print Notebook by spinsterstore
Design journal covers online at Zazzle

Happy Monday! Enjoy making nail decals with your pets' face on them. You know you want to.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Printables: Compliment Cards

So, after yesterday's photoshop extravaganza, I thought we should switch over to a little Illustrator. Today I've got some downloadable and printable little notes for you. You could use them as Valentines for your very best friends, or you could just print a bunch of them and hoard them until someone you know needs a little pick-me-up. You be the judge! There are four in today's batch. The first, as you've already seen, says "your hair is like a shampoo commercial." I mean, I must say this is one of the best hair compliments I ever give or receive. It needed to be immortalized in this printable.

My friend Joey introduced me to this idea. We all know some men have trophy wives. However, Joey introduced me to the idea that some people have friends that they particularly maintain just because their friendship is a point of pride. This may seem like a strange compliment, but essentially it just means "I think you're cool, and I'm pretty sure other people do, too."

This one, in particular, could be a valentine for someone from whom you'd like to receive a phone call. For me, that's virtually no one. I hate talking on the phone. I do, however, quite enjoy the idea of a telephone as a print motif, so I made this background print and then used it to wrap Alex's Birthday gift. 

I mean, who doesn't want to be complimented on their outfits? This one is particularly good for working in a fashion office. I have a feeling, though, there's a best dressed friend in every group.

I hope you found something you liked in today's batch of printables. As we get closer to Valentine's Day, I'll post some more!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photoshoppery by request: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today's post comes to you courtesy of a request I received on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page this week. One of you excellent readers suggest I photoshop none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Once I started googling photos, I knew this was one of the best ideas ever. So, please enjoy.

This is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Barbie. She's not exactly wearing a Judge's robe, but Black and White will have to do. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg the showgirl. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Figure Skater.

Many of you probably don't know this, but ol' Ruthie had a brief stint on QVC.

Ginsburg wasn't always so keen on deliberation.

Now, though, she is judging all the time. 

I hope this photoshoppery has gotten your weekend off to a great start! If not, Ginsburg is going to judge you. Hard. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

#FAFATL 4 of 2015

It's Friday, and of course that means it's Free Art Friday. As usual, I've made up a couple of little canvases to post around Atlanta in hopes they'll be claimed by the owners of two refrigerators in need of magnets.

Today I tried a little something different, and I've got one crazy looking pink and orange canvas with a silver cat an done sort of camouflage canvas with a gold cat. As always, you can check my Instagram throughout the day to see where I've posted these two. If you like to follow along with the hunt, you can also search the hashtags #FAFATL, #FreeArtFriday, and #FreeArtsMovement on Instagram and Twitter.

Check back tomorrow for some pretty intense photoshoppery. I have a feeling it won't disappoint...and I hope I'm right!

Happy Friday! Oh, and here's a little song to get you going.

Click Below or Follow this link!
No Control by One Direction on Grooveshark

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Audible Spinstering: Blood Will Out

Blood-will-out, Christian-Gerhartsreiter, Walter-Kirn-Blood-Will-Out, Who-Is-Clark-Rockefeller
Several months ago, I sat in my car long after I'd parked at my apartment complex so that I could listen to an episode of Fresh Air in which Terry Gross interviewed Walter Kirn regarding a book he'd just released about his relationship with a mysterious member of the Rockefeller clan.

If you choose to listen to the episode of Fresh Air before reading the book, then you'll hear a lot of the spoilers. If you read the book first, you are in for a crazy ride! I don't want to spoil the story for you, though this is a nonfiction work, so the story was in the news. There was also a movie made about Clark Rockefeller starring Eric McCormack called Who is Clark Rockefeller?

I want to go ahead and give this book two thumbs up. It is crazy and really engrossing. For the shortcut version, just listen to the episode of Fresh Air. The book has more details, and is amazing, but if you don't have time, Terry Gross can get the job done.

Happy Thursday and Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#SoProud: I Finished My Needlepoint Project

You guys. Remember "Next Level Spinstering: Needlework?" I made that post in August, and last night I finished the project I was working on in the gif. Of course, I haven't been working on it nonstop. I had to go to work and stuff. But still. I'm so excited.

When I started making this, I thought maybe I'd make one of New York, one of South Carolina, and one of Georgia, but now I think I may need to hang up my spurs on these large scale projects for a while. Miranda was not pleased with all my needlework.

Since this post is only to notify you that my project is finished, I think I'll give you some links, too, just to sweeten the deal.

1. Emergency Compliment.
          Have you heard of this? If you haven't, and you're reading this blog because you're a spinster, I think you need to visit the above link immediately. If you like any of the compliments you receive enough, you can visit their store on Society Six and order the compliment as a piece of framed artwork. You know, just in case you need a little pick-me-up.

2. Deerdana
          I was looking at a post about Tavi Gevinson's Closet today on The Coveteur, and they suggested DeerDana Tees as a comparable wardrobe piece. They're quirky and fun. Cool. Also, check out the Closets on The Coveteur. Very cool.

3. Skillet Cookies
          Can someone make this and bring it to my office today? I need a midweek treat. Also, I checked out a bunch of posts on A Beautiful Mess this week, and I am a fan.

4. Helen Green
          I ran across this Tumblr last week, and I love it. Can she do a portrait of Miranda and me?

5. Which Celebrity Home Would You Live In?
          I took this quiz, and I got Whitney Port. I'm honored. I wish I was Whitney Port. Which celebrity's house would be yours?

I hope you enjoyed this midweek of linked diversions!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Illustration Friday: Toy

I think it was on a news a few years ago that I heard about Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs for short.) I remember learning about them specifically in relation to this YouTube Makeup tutorial by Venus Angelic. To a person who's not involved in YouTube makeup culture or Ball-jointed dolls, it's strange. But It is totally a thing.

The other day I somehow happened upon a board full of custom Barbies posed as if they were real people on Pinterest. It was insane. So, of course, my memory was jogged, and I remember BJDs. Since this week's Illustration Friday topic is Toy, I thought I'd make a Spinster BJD. The spinster comes wearing her night gown, and the package includes two outfits. The first outfit is the bathrobe and bedroom slippers. The Second outfit is a dog-walking outfit, which consists of a mismatched sweat suit, an oversized tee shirt, and a pair of lace sneakers. The extra outfits are displayed below.

I know you're wondering why these outfits are so lame and frumpy. I'm sad to say that this is what it's come to. I've embraced my spinsterhood so fully that I don't even try to match my dog walking clothes.

Here's a real life example. The only difference between this one and the one I wear most mornings is that the sweatshirt I have had lots of graphics. I was too lazy to add the graphics, and they belong to someone else anyway. The sweatpants, however, are plain and from the men's department at wall mart. You need a pair. They're less than $10.

Now that you're wishing I had a contract with Mattel so you can teach your daughter she can be anything she wants to be - even a spinster - I'm going to go about my day. First thing? Walking my dog in this outfit.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mean Valentine's Day Printables

It's Monday, and I'm sure you're not exactly thrilled to be leaving your weekend behind. The good news, though, is that there's one in about five days just waiting all for you.

So, remember when you were in elementary school, and you had to give Valentines to every single person in your class? Remember how you made those little mailboxes out of shoe boxes or paper bags? Well, imagine if you had to do that for all your coworkers...especially the ones that really aren't your favorites.

In honor of my own misanthropy, I've decided to serve you some printable valentines today for those people who really don't make you feel any love for them at all. They may be your a friend of a friend, your neighbor, someone you just happen to see every day, or, indeed, your coworker. You know who I'm talking about. So, I hope you get a giggle out of these. If you need to use them for fun or for serious, just click the link below each one, and you can download a pdf version!

Of course you've already seen the first one. It's pretty much a catch-all for everyone who makes you groan when their name pops up on your caller ID. Now check out more below!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Paint By Number: Miranda

When you're a childless spinster, your sweet sweet baby dog becomes your child. My mom has beautiful watercolor paintings of my brother, sister, and me in our house in South Carolina. They're really pretty. As such, I'm starting to think I need some artwork of my child, Miranda. She is a puppy, and yesterday she went to the dog park for the first time. It was adorable.

So, today I'm posting a paint by number of Miranda in case you, too, love Miranda and need a painting of her on your wall. Above is what it should end up looking like...unless you change the background color to match your own home. Below is the actual paint by number. Click on it and open in a new window or tab, and you can save it to your computer. Now, next time I come to your house it better be hanging on your wall.

I know it's probably a little hard to see here, but that's so the lines won't show through once you paint it.

All right, enjoy your Sunday! Check back tomorrow for some very special printables!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Obsession Confession: The Spinster Store

On Main Street of Sumter, SC there are several blocks peppered with fabulously empty retail spaces that haven't been occupied for at least ten years. They have sprawling display windows and incredible  tile and moldings. Some even have second floors. For years I've filled my idle mind with thoughts of what I could do with just such a space. Today, just for fun,  I've got an imagining of what I could do with one little corner of one of those shops. I've filled it with a mixture of spinsterly apparel as well as some items from the Zazzle Spinster Store. Thanks to photoshop, it looks almost real. So let's discuss!

First, let's talk about the base of the place. I've added an acid washed cement floor because I think they're nice and easy to maintain. On top of that there's a rug I made out of this image I found online. I've got white walls with white baseboards. I don't want to take away from the merchandise. The shelves are floating reclaimed wood shelves, and I added pipe rods underneath that I found on West Elm.

Next I've added a Barcelona Chair and ottoman which I actually just colored in Photoshop. I don't know that this color exists, but I love a good Barcelona chair. They're super comfortable and clean-looking. In the center is a white lacquered chest I found on the Well Appointed House. Atop that are two Cat Statues I found on Etsy from Fabulous Mess and recolored to be light pink. Hanging on the wall is the Spinster's portrait in a gilt frame I recolored to be pink just to go with the decor. I think it could have stayed gold, too, though.

Now, let's talk about the merchandise. On the left hanging rack we have an assortment of Spinsterwear, also known as sweatpants. I added some prints and patterns to keep them fun. If you open the image in a new tab, you can get a better look at the prints. On the right hanging rack are bathrobes in assorted colors. This seems like obvious merchandise. If this were a restaurant, the waitresses would be dressed in bathrobes and sweatpants. It's just the way would be.

On top of the left hand shelf is a pyramid of mugs from the Zazzle Spinster Store. Next to that is a small, framed version of the Scribble Doodle print (on Zazzle, you can pretty much choose any size you want), and in front of that is a picture of my puppy, Miranda.

On the right hand shelf, we start with three notebooks: floral, lipstick, and ballet flats. In the back is actually a print that I created for some wrapping paper and just put in a frame. Next to that is just the same pyramid of mugs.

Obviously, this is just a tiny section of one of those huge shops, but it's so fun to think about. So, if anyone wants to buy me one of those storefronts and then pay me until the Spinster Store breaks even, please be my guest! Be forewarned, though, that Miranda absolutely must be in the shop with me all day.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 16, 2015

#FAFATL 3 of 2015 and some Links

Hooray for Friday, and hooray for free art! Today I've got two little cat canvas magnets that I'll be posting around Atlanta. As always, you cal follow along with the posting today through my Instagram. One of these days I'll make some magnets of the little baby Miranda (my dog), but I feel like I need to figure out the best rendering of her precious little face first.

In other, completely unrelated news, The New Yorker has posted an article saying what everyone who works in an open office plan already knows: open office plans stink. I googled further, and it seems a lot more people are realizing this as well. Thank goodness.

Also, if you need a little giggle, please see this video the Huffington Post put out of dogs sitting on cats. 

Lastly, check out this insane video of a guy making so much pottery so quickly.

Ok, happy Friday!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another Paint By Number: High Heels

Well, as you've probably guessed if you've been reading this blog for any period of time, sometimes when I start something, I want to do it over and over. And so it is with the paint by number. Today, though, the paint by number is perhaps something you'd want to put on your feet and not...ehem...marry. Perhaps you can wear these shoes when you marry all the members of One Direction.

Now, in case you don't want to print out your own copy of the below Paint By Number, I've also posted it for sale on the Zazzle Spinster Store.  Just click on this link to find the Paint By Number.

But here's one you can print from home, too!

Take a deep breath anyway. Just one more day till friday.