Another Paint By Number: Miranda

When you're a childless spinster, your sweet sweet baby dog becomes your child. My mom has beautiful watercolor paintings of my brother, sister, and me in our house in South Carolina. They're really pretty. As such, I'm starting to think I need some artwork of my child, Miranda. She is a puppy, and yesterday she went to the dog park for the first time. It was adorable.

So, today I'm posting a paint by number of Miranda in case you, too, love Miranda and need a painting of her on your wall. Above is what it should end up looking like...unless you change the background color to match your own home. Below is the actual paint by number. Click on it and open in a new window or tab, and you can save it to your computer. Now, next time I come to your house it better be hanging on your wall.

I know it's probably a little hard to see here, but that's so the lines won't show through once you paint it.

All right, enjoy your Sunday! Check back tomorrow for some very special printables!

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