#FAFATL 2 of 2015

I interrupt this photoshop-a-palooza to tell you that today is, once again, Free Art Friday! Not only is it Free Art Friday, but it's also my one and only Dad's birthday. Hooray for my Dad. He wrote me an email this week saying that he loves my puppy, and I loved it so much I've told at least ten people. So, Happy birthday to my Dad. If you know my dad IRL (In Real Life if you're old), please remember to wish him a very happy day!

Now, as always, I'll be posting today's magnets out and about around Atlanta. If you're a cat lady or a glitter lover, these little guys could be just the thing to jazz up your fridge. Don't forget to check my instagram throughout the day to see where I'm making my drops. Also, you can click on the #FAFATL hashtag in each one of my posts to see what everyone else is dropping around Atlanta. I even think a few of my magnets and/or paintings from last week are still lurking about. If/when you find a magnet, don't forget to make a comment on my post saying you've gotten it, then post a photo on your own Instagram with the #FAFATL hashtag.

Happy Friday and happy hunting! And Happy Birthday, Dad!

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