#FAFATL 4 of 2015

It's Friday, and of course that means it's Free Art Friday. As usual, I've made up a couple of little canvases to post around Atlanta in hopes they'll be claimed by the owners of two refrigerators in need of magnets.

Today I tried a little something different, and I've got one crazy looking pink and orange canvas with a silver cat an done sort of camouflage canvas with a gold cat. As always, you can check my Instagram throughout the day to see where I've posted these two. If you like to follow along with the hunt, you can also search the hashtags #FAFATL, #FreeArtFriday, and #FreeArtsMovement on Instagram and Twitter.

Check back tomorrow for some pretty intense photoshoppery. I have a feeling it won't disappoint...and I hope I'm right!

Happy Friday! Oh, and here's a little song to get you going.

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No Control by One Direction on Grooveshark

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