Hey! Hey! It's Saturday (and a Crossword)

Every Saturday I wake up, and at some point during the morning I think, "Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! What a Daaaaay! Oh What a Day!" I know. Weird. But let me explain.

Every summer when I was little, my church did a summer music camp where we learned an entire musical from a company like Dovetail or Kathy Hill Music. There was one called Nic at Night which told the story of Nicodemus, and there was one called The Mission Connection. Those are two of the most memorable ones for me, but the one that bore this song - and perhaps my mom will remind me in the comments - escapes me. I don't remember much of the song, either, and googling hasn't helped. So...if any of you remember it, please do let me know.

But in any case: Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! What a daaaay! Oh, what a daaay! Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! Sleepin' till noon, watchin' cartoons. Nothing can go wrong cause it's Saturday all day long!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I've made you a saturday crossword above. I'll post the answers tomorrow, so please do enjoy!

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