Illustration Friday: Toy

I think it was on a news a few years ago that I heard about Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs for short.) I remember learning about them specifically in relation to this YouTube Makeup tutorial by Venus Angelic. To a person who's not involved in YouTube makeup culture or Ball-jointed dolls, it's strange. But It is totally a thing.

The other day I somehow happened upon a board full of custom Barbies posed as if they were real people on Pinterest. It was insane. So, of course, my memory was jogged, and I remember BJDs. Since this week's Illustration Friday topic is Toy, I thought I'd make a Spinster BJD. The spinster comes wearing her night gown, and the package includes two outfits. The first outfit is the bathrobe and bedroom slippers. The Second outfit is a dog-walking outfit, which consists of a mismatched sweat suit, an oversized tee shirt, and a pair of lace sneakers. The extra outfits are displayed below.

I know you're wondering why these outfits are so lame and frumpy. I'm sad to say that this is what it's come to. I've embraced my spinsterhood so fully that I don't even try to match my dog walking clothes.

Here's a real life example. The only difference between this one and the one I wear most mornings is that the sweatshirt I have had lots of graphics. I was too lazy to add the graphics, and they belong to someone else anyway. The sweatpants, however, are plain and from the men's department at wall mart. You need a pair. They're less than $10.

Now that you're wishing I had a contract with Mattel so you can teach your daughter she can be anything she wants to be - even a spinster - I'm going to go about my day. First thing? Walking my dog in this outfit.

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