More Photoshoppery: Benedict Cumberbatch

Well, after I photoshopped some photos of Taylor Swift, I thought I should probably do a little more photoshoppery. So, I asked for suggestions. Benedict Cumberbatch was the winner, and I believe you'll be quite pleased. Above you can see that ol' Benedict has married himself and adopted six little monkeys. This may be one of my greatest works yet. However, there are more.

Here we have Benedict posing in his tuxedo. Notice how he's accessorized with a pretty impressive array of piercings on his left ear.

Next we have a photo of Mr. Cumberbatch and his two cats. This is, of course, a spinster's dream.

Lastly, we have this archival image from Benedict's 7th grade dance recital. You're welcome. Feel free to pin, tweet, and send directly to Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm sure he'll want to substitute one of these for his driver's license photo. 

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