More Photoshoppery: Maggie Smith

Well, sometimes when I get on a roll, I just can't stop. So, today I present more photoshoppery. I think you'll find today's even crazier than yesterday's. In honor of the season debut of Downton Abbey, today I've chosen to photoshop none other than Maggie Smith. Let me say before we really get started, though, that I did happen to - ehem - borrow some of these images from Awkward Family Photos.

First we started with your classic glamour shot. I think Maggie's hair looks quite nice. She could perhaps stand to lighten up a little and crack a smile.

Next we have a baby photo of Maggie. I think the mushroom cut isn't really doing her any favors.

You may not know this, but Maggie could cut a rug in her day. Here we have a photo of her and her older sister in their dance costumes.

This one was taken a few years later. I personally think this costume is much more flattering.

Here we have a photo of Maggie before her high school dance. I'm really glad she's moved on from this look.

Lastly is one of my favorites. Maggie is really into giant pretzels.

I hope these gave you a little giggle. Check back tomorrow for more insanity.

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