More Valentine's Day Printables!

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Well, I know. We're not that much closer to Valentine's Day than we were this weekend, but I had some more Valentines I wanted to share in case you love sending snail mail as much as I do. Now, there's something I think I've forgotten to mention in the last few printable posts, and that is the size. These cards were all made in 5" x 7" format, so they should fit nicely on half of an 8.5" x 11" with a little trimming. If you print them any larger, they might get a little pixellated.

The first card here is about cute aggression. If you've ever hard the urge to squeeze any of your loved ones really unreasonably hard because they're so cute, then this card is probably for you.

This one is great for anyone who does way more for you than anyone has the right to expect. So, basically, your mom.


I once said this to a boyfriend who didn't realize it was a creepy song lyric. Severe embarrassment ensued. You're welcome. That is your daily chuckle at my expense.

We all have a friend (or are the friend) who loves sparkle and glitter. This is for that friend. After you print this one, you may want to add a little extra real life glitter. Just a suggestion.

This one is for your friend or loved one who has had to do any kind of serious color matching in their life. They will understand.

Now, since I know all of you are planning on sending me Valentines because I won't actually have a human valentine, I'm just going to request you send them to my office so I look extra popular. Early, late, and on-time Valentines will all be appreciated. Please note that I will be in New York for work on the actual day of Valentine's Day. Thanks very much.

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