The First #FAFATL Of 2015

I can safely say that 2015 is off to an excellent start. Miranda and I took two whole naps yesterday, and I never even put on any makeup. Ah, it's a spinster's life for me!

You know what else is making 2015 off to a great start? The fact that today is Free Art Friday! Today I've done a little something different than my usual magnets. Well, I'm doing magnets, too, but today I'm doing something even bigger! They're like giant versions of my little canvas magnets. I have two 6" x 6" painted canvases that I'm going to be hiding around Atlanta. I'm very excited!

Now, if you live in the Atlanta area, and you're ready to hunt some of these little babies down, you can follow all the drops on my Instagram. Bonus: If you click on the #FAFATL hashtag in my posts, you can see what everyone else is leaving around as well. It's lots of fun.

Happy New Year once again, and I hope one of you hunts one of these down!

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