Thursday Fun: Food Maze

More than a few of my friends lately have attributed some excellent weight loss to stress. I'd love to have that problem. Unfortunately, as a spinster, I subside mainly on a diet of feelings. Let me make that more clear: I am chunky because I eat my feelings. But ah...whaddaya gonna do?

Yesterday I successfully survived the day without the can of soda I so desperately wanted. Instead, I chose the much healthier option of about fifteen dove milk chocolate squares and seven cherry Jolly Ranchers. Don't worry, though, I still ate all three meals plus a little nibble of my puppy.

Today's image is essentially how I felt yesterday. I wanted to eat everything. No, nothing in particular went wrong. I just...wanted to eat everything. What's new, right?

So, in honor of the spinsterly desire to devour everything in my path, I've decided to make this a little more fun than becoming Gilbert Grape's mother. If you're not quite ready to start working yet today, print out this food maze, and try to solve it! Good luck!

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